About our Company

Tetris Pharma brings together a team of talented individuals with a clear vision to build a company that specialises in developing and marketing healthcare products in the UK and EU.

Collectively, the Management Team have 150+ years of successful pharma experience in the full range of commercial and scientific disciplines.

We are an ambitious, competent and professional company and are already working with partners to secure distribution rights for a range of niche injectables and topical products. Our objective is to build a profitable European company with its own IP and manufacturing capability within 3-5 years.

Distribution Partner

UK Distribution

  • Experts in the UK supply chain and will identify optimised channels for your product or brand
  • Unique insight into the NHS assists with:
    • Pricing & Reimbursement
    • Payor engagement
    • Accelerated product uptake
    • Experienced Sales & Marketing capability will establish/grow your brand in the market

Divestment Partner

Tetris understand:

  • Product divestment
  • Successful partnerships
  • Delivering results

We are proficient in:

  • Product launch
  • Technology Transfer
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Working with Health Professionals
  • Supply Chain

Foster Partner

Our fostering program seeks to :

  • Identify new commercial channels
  • Refresh key marketing messages
  • Analyse and deliver on NHS opportunities

Generic Partner

Tetris are experienced in the fast paced UK generics market. 

We have had demonstrable success in:

  • Wholesaler Deals
  • Pharmacy Chain Networks
  • Navigating the NHS hospital tender process